Customer Testimonials

Below are a few examples of feedback that Paragon has received from its customers in response to the question 'What do you value most about the service Paragon provides?':

"Technical expertise, reporting, collections of deductible balances, they have the 'whole nine yards'."

Deductible Recovery Manager,
Mid-Atlantic E&S Carrier
"The ability to work through opportunities before escalating. Knowledge of our systems and procedures."

SVP Receivable Management,
Large Multi-National Stock Insurer
"The personnel I work with. They are all great!"

Receivables Management Director,
Mid-West Regional Carrier
"We are a very demanding client. Paragon works hard to continually meet and exceed our expectations."

VP Receivable Management,
Large Multi-National Stock Insurer
"If I had to pick one thing it would be their recovery performance. Overall the quality of Paragon's service is a product of their knowledge and expertise as well as frequent and clear communication."

Deductible Recovery Manager,
Northeast Regional Carrier
"Flexibility to work around some of the IT challenges that exist on our end. Also, the combination of predictive modeling and staff review of files is somewhat unique and very effective."

National Director of Receivable Management,
West Coast Personal Lines Focused Insurer
"They help in any way needed. The turnaround time of information that I request is great."

VP Receivable Management,
East Coast Super Regional Insurer

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